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Network Services

We have been Washington State’s leading wholesale broadband provider and telecom solutions provider for over 20 years. We help our community partners navigate the complex protocols and processes needed to bridge the digital divide with best-in-industry expertise.

NoaNet - Internet Services


Services can be implemented with either BGP or static routing and can dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6. Our engineers can assist with BGP configuration to achieve your businesses goals. We also support custom community strings to allow specific routing requirements.

NoaNet provides dedicated high-speed broadband internet across Washington. We are highly involved in the internet community and having multiple peering relationships with content providers to allow for low-latency access to content. NoaNet peers with multiple Tier-1 carriers and participates in the Seattle Internet Exchange and the Northwest Access Exchange in Portland.

Noanet Ethernet Services


NoaNet was the first carrier in Washington State to provide high-capacity Metro Ethernet services to rural areas. We serve businesses large and small as well as government entities by delivering leading-edge technology across an extensive high-speed backbone. Metro Ethernet services are compatible with those defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) and offered as point-to-point (E-LINE), point-to-multipoint (E-TREE), and multipoint-to-multipoint (E-LAN). Metro Ethernet features:

NoaNet Transport Services


NoaNet supports a multitude of national and regional carriers with line-rate transport from 1G to 100G. The NoaNet network is built with a high level of resiliency and flexibility to best serve your customers.

Wavelengths (xWDM)
NoaNet operates a 40 channel DWDM system that can support dedicated wavelength services of 10G to 100G. With a multitude of fiber routes, NoaNet can provide path diversity from your current services through other carriers. Wavelength services can be implements as either protected or non-protected. Our engineers can work with you on your specific hands-off needs.

Ethernet NNI
Take advantage of NoaNet’s far-reaching infrastructure to expand your network footprint and provide services to rural areas of Washington. NoaNet E-NNI is MEF compliant and available in either 1G or 10G physical ports. Setting up an E-NNI with NoaNet streamlines service turn-up and expands your business’s customer base.

NoaNet provides protected or non-protected SONET-based services from DS#s to OC-192.

Fiber to the Tower
NoaNet supports multiple mobile operators by building fiber to the tower and backhauling voice/video/data to their respective MTSOs.

Legacy TDM
NoaNet can integrate with your legacy infrastructure to provide T1 or DS3 services to rural locations. Access Exchange in Portland.

NoaNet Trans Collocation Services


NoaNet enables service providers to expand their reach to rural and urban areas in Washington State. We offer secure colocation services at 35 regional access POPs to bring rural communities closer to your reach. At select facilities, we also offer wireless colocation services to allow for wireless Internet Service Providers to expand their networks reach without a high capital requirement.

Regional Colocation Services include:

  • All NoaNet POPs (Points of Presence) are securely located in locked fenced areas
  • POPs have electronic key access and are video monitored 24/7/365
  • Both AC and DC power supply options available
  • Flexible space offerings available from 1RU to full cabinet or rack
  • Wireless colocation services are offered at selected facilities
  • Backup power available (8 to 24-hour)
  • Regularly scheduled and preventative maintenance keeps colocation space clean and reliable
NoaNet SD-WAN Services


NoaNet’s SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) offering is an integrated extension of our fiber-based IP/MPLS backbone with multiple SD-WAN gateways and localized entry points. Basic Management features include Proactive remediation for out-of-service conditions. Advanced security options including next-generation firewall, URL/IP reputation, and filtering, anti-virus, and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)/Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Economically integrate diverse infrastructures
Augment your IP-VPN with an enterprise SD-WAN for a consistent network with greater resiliency and access to remote locations.

Easily add new locations
NoaNet can quickly add sites to your WAN with existing internet connections.

Control your experience
NoaNet will respond immediately to your ever-evolving business needs by prioritizing critical application experts for SD-WAN as a service.

Business Solutions

NoaNet offers telecommunications solutions that help businesses thrive. From Voice and Hybrid Cloud solutions to Security and Access Control, NoaNet’s Platform Business Solutions offerings will keep local businesses in any area of the state competitive and technologically up-to-date with businesses operating in the most urban of areas.

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