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The Statewide Upgrade of Washington’s 911 System to the NoaNet Network is COMPLETE!

The Statewide Upgrade of Washington’s 911 System to the NoaNet Network is COMPLETE!

Washington’s 911 system is now 100% migrated to the NoaNet network to support next-generation communications with 911 public safety answering points (PSAPs). Washingtonians will be safer because of this network upgrade.

Next-generation 911 (NG911) infrastructure lays the groundwork to allow for more than just calling to 911 when there is an emergency. As protocols are developed county-by-county, rollouts will begin to support text-to-911 and eventually even video-streaming to 911. Today, texting-to-911 is available in about half of Washington’s 39 counties.

The transition to NG911 began mid-year 2017. The enhanced network touches every county and all 64 PSAPs statewide. It allows the transport of emergency data at rates and speeds that are factors of 10x faster than what Washington has had in the past. Because of this, it is possible to expand the network at a more cost-effective rate than previously possible, while supplying superior reliability and available services.

Since formation 20 years ago, NoaNet’s vision has not only been to develop and deploy high-capacity public benefit networks in Washington state but also to continue to prepare for whatever tech-based innovative solution might be coming next. Being able to support statewide NG911 services realizes that vision. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve Washington and will continue our work to ensure our State has the network infrastructure required to support the environment of technological innovation and inspiration that our State is recognized globally for.

A huge thank you to Comtech Telecommunications Corp. and the Washington State Emergency Management Division for their leadership in this statewide initiative, as well as our state’s Public Utility Districts, who continue to deploy networks to serve their communities. Without these partnerships, the NG911 network that makes Washington a better, safer place to call home would not be possible.

By Dave Spencer – Chief Executive Officer
Press Release