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Customer Spotlight: StriveTech


For this NoaNet Customer Spotlight, we are highlighting the work of StriveTech. We spoke with John Hamilton, one of the founders of StriveTech to learn about how the company was formed, how they are serving their Tri-Cities area customers, and what drives him to do this work each day.

StriveTech is not John’s first venture into Managed Services. He started another business in 2010 called Hamilton and Company. Across town just a year later, Andy Blakely started Avail Computers which was a break-fix repair service. They were unknown to one another until early 2018 when a mutual friend introduced them. They quickly discovered their shared vision and synergies (and childhood love of their Atari ST home computers). Their passion for bringing the best services possible to the area while providing local customer support soon brought them to merge their efforts into a single organization. StriveTech came to fruition in August of 2018.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), StriveTech provides their customers with ongoing and regular support and active on-site administration for maintenance and IT services. They also provide over-the-top services including security, remote monitoring, network management and oversight, technical support, consulting, and planning – and are quickly gaining momentum as a Fiber-to-the-home service provider through partnerships with local Public Utility Districts.

John’s breadth of knowledge and experience coupled with his passion for serving the community was palatable throughout the interview. He explained that in the 1990s the tri-cities had lots of places where someone could go to get equipment or computer help from local IT professional “geeks” who liked nothing better than to help their customers solve their IT troubles. Unfortunately, with the introduction of big-box stores selling the equipment that kept the local IT businesses solvent, many of them went under. The Managed Services IT contracts that StriveTech provides have a monthly subscription fee that allows their customers to get the help they need with the ease of mind and service level that only customized hometown businesses can deliver.

“As a managed service provider, StriveTech serves the community with proactive IT services and helps area businesses thrive through becoming their outsourced IT help desk. We have figured out how to get back to helping people!”

Today StriveTech provides managed IT services to more than 500 clients through monthly service contracts.

StriveTech also provides Internet access and OTT services, web hosting, monitoring, and backup to more than 40 businesses in the Tri-cities area. Through relationships with NoaNet and the local Public Utility Districts, StriveTech has access to the fiber network that they leverage to bring world-class services to new and existing customers. This aspect of the company is growing and growing fast! They anticipate gaining about 1000 new Fiber to the Home Internet customers in the coming months. John explained that Franklin PUD’s broadband program is coordinating with developers and homeowners on installing conduit and/or fiber to the premise and are working with local ISPs to provide services to their end-users. John is thrilled to be a part of the solution that will provide reliable, truly high-speed Internet services to his community.

Something unique John expressed about the availability of the NoaNet and PUD network is that high-end fiber networks are usually only available to national service providers with massive pocketbooks.

“Fiber has been around since the 1980s, but it was always something only the very large organizations had access to. It wasn’t for the little guys. We are thrilled that NoaNet has fiber available and allows us to get the very best services available to our customers.”

Through Washington’s public benefit fiber network, that caliber of network is put within reach of local and regional service providers to bring world-class services into rural and suburban communities, which makes John and his self-appointed “company of geeks” thrilled.


To learn more about StriveTech and the work they are doing in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State, please visit them online at