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NoaNet Secures U.S. Broadband Award for Public Services Deployment Excellence

WINNER Public Services Deployment NoaNet supports NExt Generation 911 Network for Washington State

NoaNet has been honored with a U.S. Broadband Award in the Public Services Deployment category, underscoring its impactful partnership with Comtech and the Washington Military Department. This collaboration, centered in Washington State, has revolutionized emergency response, demonstrating tangible results in lives saved and improved public safety.

The cornerstone of this success is the Next Generation 911 Emergency Services IP network, meticulously developed over the past years. This cutting-edge network ensures that every 911 call benefits from a world-class infrastructure, accommodating various devices and communication methods. The system, marked by reliability, security, and compatibility, spans the entire state and beyond, solidifying NoaNet’s position as the backbone of Washington’s 911 system.

NoaNet plays a crucial role in managing call aggregation, delivery, data transfer, and the seamless transition to an IP-based infrastructure, ensuring maximum system availability. Notably, the enhanced accuracy in location detection prevents misrouted calls, optimizing emergency response and enhances the efficiency of emergency response efforts. The upgraded network facilitates high-speed communication between public safety answering points, enabling the exchange of calls, texts, videos, and GIS information, thus enhancing coordinated response efforts during disasters.

The prestigious U.S. Broadband Award, announced during the U.S. Broadband Summit in November 2023, recognizes NoaNet for its effectiveness, technical innovation, financial and community impact, and outstanding contributions to bridging the digital divide.

Claire Ward, Market Development Manager at NoaNet, proudly accepted the Public Services Deployment award on behalf of the organization in recognition of NoaNet’s instrumental support for advancing Washington State’s Next Generation 911 network.

NoaNet and others holding US Broadband Summit awards from 2023 ceremony
Claire Ward, Market Development Manager at NoaNet, standing with the rest of the 2023 US Broadband Summit award recipients. 

The judging panel, including experts from leading companies such as Tantra Analyst LLC, Mobile Experts, Inc., Impact Broadband, and AvidThink, selected NoaNet for the organization’s exceptional contributions to the broadband industry, and services that benefit the general public specifically. The award highlights NoaNet’s commitment to driving broadband investment and innovative solutions that enhance public safety statewide.

Alejandro Piñero, Head of Content at Fierce Technology Group, expressed admiration for the winners, stating, “Congratulations to the winners of the inaugural U.S. Broadband Awards. We were extremely impressed with the submissions.”

With a two-decade legacy, NoaNet remains steadfast in its vision of developing high-capacity public benefit networks across Washington State. The successful implementation of statewide Next Generation 911 services reflects NoaNet’s commitment to anticipating and embracing tech-based innovations.

Grateful for the privilege of serving Washington, we remain dedicated to fostering network infrastructure that sustains our state’s global reputation for technological innovation and inspiration.