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Customer Spotlight: Jamestown Networks

JNET Kyle Johnson

Jamestown Networks (JNET) is a largely infrastructure-free Internet Service Provider bringing high-speed telecommunications services not only to their local Olympic Peninsula region but to communities statewide. Through their innovative model, JNET has been able to keep operating costs low, and their mission of bringing the economic benefits of broadband to underserved communities thriving.

As a Jamestown S’Klallam tribal business, JNET’s primary business focus is to serve Tribal, Government, Commercial, and Community anchor institutions such as schools, libraries, and hospitals. Today they serve more than 60 schools through the K20 program in addition to nearly 40 other governmental, tribal, and commercial customers.

For Samantha Benedict, JNET’s Operations Coordinator, serving schools and enabling communication is particularly important. She studied to be an educator, but as a self-described “techie at heart” she is thrilled with the impact bringing technology services to communities is having.

“The Internet connects so many different initiatives together whether it be to communicate with family, access unique education opportunities, engage in remote work, or take part in any kind of information sharing… it all comes back to the Internet.”

While the importance of broadband has always been clear for JNET Chief Executive Officer Kyle Johnson, he feels that access has taken on a new urgency for Tribal leadership and safety amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Broadband access is, now more than ever before, a matter of public health. If Tribal elders have high-speed Internet access, they can conduct Tribal affairs from their homes and offices rather than exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.”

Johnson has also seen broadband become an even-more important economic lifeline this year.

“We recently brought services to several small marine-service businesses in Jefferson County. Now they can more easily engage in e-commerce and market their products online, which is making a huge impact for them as in-person shops are closed down. It’s those kinds of impacts that keep us really energized for this work.”

JNET is making significant impacts in communities statewide without needing to have a huge staff themselves. This includes the build-out of 2.5 GHz fixed-wireless systems and cell towers in very rural areas. They leverage NoaNet’s network and wholesale services to create custom solutions for their customers. Benedict explained that this collaboration allows JNET to avoid the costs associated with managing the network and focus instead on creating cost-effective solutions and an excellent customer service experience for their customers.

“Our collaboration with NoaNet to operate and maintain the network opens the door for broadband and we are able to walk right through to deliver services.”


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