How the
Northwest Connects

Washington’s Connected Communities Start with NoaNet 

Communities all over Washington state have looked to NoaNet for professional services in pursuit of meeting their broadband deployment goals. NoaNet has helped countless communities realize broadband connectivity in their underserved areas, and we can help you. From planning, to operations, to reviewing feasibility of your shovel-ready project, as a not-for-profit partner with nearly 25 years of connecting communities, we’re ready to assist.

We’re never an all or nothing partner. Some communities need only a few items to lock in their broadband project plans, while others need full-scale planning, grant-writing alliances, and long-term network operations management. Bring us your wish list and let us create a critical path that identifies goals, strategies, a budget, and timeline. To illustrate the range of NoaNet’s professional services, we offer:

Road to Broadband Planning – NoaNet works with its partners to map out practical considerations and actionable steps to connectivity in a unique, detailed Road to Broadband document. We explore different approaches to deploy broadband and consider shovel-ready projects that position our partners to successfully apply to state and federal funding programs. Planning done right the first time saves organizations time, money, and second-guessing.

 Network Engineering—NoaNet engineers develop innovative solutions for network architecture to maximize bandwidth, all while fitting within a given project’s budget. Whether it’s a full-service engineering design need or just a plan review consultation, our staff can be a resource for your organization.

  • Fiber Optic Network Design – NoaNet’s design engineering and outside plant teams can design and implement a new fiber-optic broadband network to complement your existing infrastructure and assets.
  • Wireless Network Design – Wireline infrastructure is not always practical due to terrain or the cost. NoaNet’s dedicated wireless network engineers can bring cutting-edge wireless solutions to fruition for your community.
  • Make-Ready Project Management –Let our in-house experts create asset databases, develop one-touch make-ready plans, file permits, pole attachment applications, and more.

Grant Writing – The NoaNet Grants Assistance Program includes engaging Learn, Design, Apply, a talented grant-writing team with an impressive award track record to help bring broadband funding to Washington’s communities. The Grants Assistance Program can manage all aspects of state and federal grant applications from opportunity alerts and grant writing to ongoing funds reporting and project management services.

Construction Management – We offer RFP management to help you develop and post requests for proposals (RFPs) for qualified entities to support your network construction. NoaNet’s construction management oversight processes begin early in the project to ensure compliance with statutory, administrative, and regulatory requirements. Our engineers and outside plant professionals can provide site inspections throughout the construction process to verify the permitted work complies with State, City, or Local government codes. Finally, our team’s cutover management process (moving from old to new systems) brings meticulous planning with minimal downtime and disruption.

Business Planning – Wherever your organization is in its broadband deployment, NoaNet can jump in. Just getting started? NoaNet can create a Pro Forma, estimating your area’s take rate (subscribership) to make informed decisions. As revenues typically take time to build up enough to support an entire staff in-house, outsourcing NoaNet staff can help get your project launched until you decide it makes sense to bring on in-house employees.  Our Business Model Evaluation and Comparison services factor in the network type you choose to deploy, how your organization chooses to fund the project, staff, and project size. We’ll help you develop a model that uniquely aligns to your organization’s goals.

 Customer Management – NoaNet’s open access marketplace functionality can connect your network to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) ready to provide services to your community. Best of all? Your own custom marketplace branded for your community or organization with everything that is important to your unique area.

 Network Operations – Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors thousands of network elements 24/7, 365 days a year. This highly skilled team of network analysts and engineers provides customer support, troubleshooting, network management, alarm reporting, dispatch, and repair for more than 15 broadband networks.

Ready to leverage NoaNet’s experience to plan for your community’s connected future? Contact us today.

 Northwest Open Access Network (NoaNet) is a not-for-profit wholesale telecommunications mutual corporation that has been serving Washington State since 2000. As a mission-driven organization, NoaNet focuses on bringing world-class telecommunications technology to hard-to-reach communities which lack access to high-speed affordable broadband services.