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NoaNet Hosts Successful TechFest, Demonstrates Game-Changing Auto-Provisioning Technology for FTTH Networks

Spokane Valley, WA – June 17, 2024 

NoaNet, the leading provider of broadband and digital equity solutions in the Pacific Northwest, recently hosted its annual TechFest at the Network Operations Center (NOC) in Spokane Valley on June 12th and 13th. The event brought together over 40 public and tribal-serving organizations to discuss advancements in Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology, cybersecurity, and network management practices.

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology refers to a method of delivering internet and other communication services where optical fiber is used directly from a central point to individual residences or buildings. Overall, this technology represents a modern and future-proof approach to internet connectivity, offering high-speed, reliable, and scalable broadband access directly to homes and businesses through optical fiber infrastructure.

The highlight of TechFest was a live demonstration of the COS Business Engine platform’s cutting-edge auto-provisioning capabilities. Using a Nokia Altiplano device, the demonstration connected the Network Operations Center (NOC) to a test site at Okanogan Public Utility District (PUD) hundreds of miles away, completing the auto-provisioning process for 1 Gbps services in just 16 seconds. This rapid deployment showcases the potential of FTTH networks to deliver high-speed internet efficiently and reliably. NoaNet has licensed this solution for statewide availability.

The COS Business Engine platform enables customers to access a customized local marketplace where they can order services from multiple participating service providers on a non-discriminatory basis. This model streamlines the provisioning process and offers end-users a variety of options, promoting competitive pricing and enhanced service quality.

In communities where the COS Business Engine is active, new local Internet Service Providers have emerged, fostering local control, and stimulating economic growth through partnerships. Additionally, the platform facilitates local customer surveys, sign-ups, and installation workflow management, ensuring a seamless user experience from initial interest to final installation.

The successful demonstration underscores the transformative impact of advanced FTTH technologies in overcoming operational and staffing barriers for public-serving organizations entering the broadband marketplace. By harnessing these innovative solutions, NoaNet aims to expand connectivity across Washington state, benefiting numerous communities, including many tribal nations.

“We are excited to showcase how this combination of technologies and operational know-how can revolutionize broadband engagement by public-serving organizations in the broadband ecosystem,” said NoaNet CEO Craig Nelsen.

“Our goal is to bridge the digital divide and ensure that all communities, especially those in underserved and tribal areas, have access to reliable, affordable, high-speed internet. This solution brings that opportunity within reach of many more communities than ever before.”

The NoaNet TechFest serves as a pivotal platform for stakeholders to explore the future of broadband infrastructure, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and innovation. By bringing together public and tribal organizations, NoaNet is committed to driving economic development, educational opportunities, and overall community well-being through robust, affordable, high-speed internet connectivity.

About NoaNet

NoaNet (Northwest Open Access Network) is dedicated to delivering reliable, high-speed broadband access to communities across the Pacific Northwest. By partnering with public and tribal organizations, NoaNet aims to bridge the digital divide and promote equitable access to modern telecommunication services.

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