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NoaNet believes that technology infrastructure can improve the human experience; connecting communities, creating opportunities, ensuring public safety, and empowering change. When effectively utilized, technology can be transformative, helping us realize these meaningful impacts.

Broadband Feasibility Assessments

Plenty of consultants can write your community a guiding document about the importance of broadband access, but none that brings with them NoaNet’s expertise in Washington State Broadband or operates as a non-profit organization as we do. We won’t give you a 100-page document telling you that broadband is important; you already know that. We will leverage your planning dollars to create a Road to Broadband document for your community with actionable steps to connectivity. Nobody knows more about community broadband in Washington State than us. Let us tap that knowledge to build you a strong plan for your community’s connected future.

Network Deployment Strategy

As a public agency, we believe in being fiscally responsible and ensuring the long-term viability of infrastructure investments to benefit our communities. As your partner, we will wade with you into the many paths forward on how to have a successful broadband project and maintain it for the life of the infrastructure. We will not just tell you what you want to hear; our vast experience in making broadband work helps us inform your community’s unique situation to formulate the best possible path forward.


We help our community partners navigate the complex protocols and processes needed to bridge the digital divide with best-in-industry expertise.


Network Planning

NoaNet’s engineering, operations, and outside plant teams are industry leaders that have produced, designed, engineered, permitted, contracted, and managed hundreds of telecommunications facilities including long-haul, middle-mile, local-loop, and lateral network extension projects. We have the expertise necessary to evaluate and provide insight into existing facilities, to design and implement a new network, and to know the current and future technology trends to plan for today’s and tomorrow’s subscriber needs. NoaNet’s highly capable team delivers robust facility and engineering solutions to deploy the telecommunications needs for your network. Our team is structured through internal, prime, and sub-contracting relationships to create innovative solutions, practical designs, and expert implementations with precise project coordination.

Demand Aggregation

For a cost-effective and sustainable broadband deployment, consumer-level data is critical. Federal data on broadband service availability has been shown to be widely inaccurate. In order to understand the frontline consumer experience, we begin our feasibility assessments by working to determine if there is a need for additional infrastructure investment, and if so, where those needs exist. We have invested in a survey collection and data-mapping tool to deploy and manage this demand aggregation system quickly and at a low cost to our community partners.

The Road to Broadband

Engaging in a broadband plan can feel like stepping into an unknown world. Don’t fret— just follow the path one step at a time and you’ll be on your way to a successful broadband project. NoaNet is here to help along the way.  We have built a vast toolkit that is used to evaluate local communities and their broadband infrastructure needs in the past 20 years and have leveraged that toolkit to create this Road to Broadband guide for communities. Download the Road to Broadband, and let us know if we can help you and your community define a path forward to make world-class broadband access a reality.

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