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Introducing the NoaNet Grants Assistance Program

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NoaNet is excited to announce the newest tool in our Road to Broadband toolkit. We have teamed up with Learn, Design, Apply to launch the Grants Assistance Program! This partnership means that now, in addition to  NoaNet supporting our clients in their demand aggregation, business planning, engineering, and outside plant management, we can seamlessly transfer to Learn, Design, Apply to secure grant funding to make it all happen.

The Grants Assistance Program can manage all aspects of state and federal grant applications, from opportunity alerts and grant writing to ongoing funding reporting and project management services.

Many federal grants allow for only a short window of 45-60 days to learn the rules and then submit an application. Some applications, such as USDA ReConnect, can take an estimated 400 hours (fifty 8-hour days) to complete. The materials and experience that Learn Design Apply brings with them will allow organizations who don’t have that kind of personnel time to dedicate to a grant application to gain access to the sizeable federal funding programs.

In their two decades of experience, Learn Design Apply has come to understand three common barriers to successful grant program management:

    • A potential applicant understands their problem but isn’t aware that there is funding available to solve the problem.
    • A potential applicant understands there is funding to solve the problem but does not have the resources to apply.
    • A potential applicant has the resources to apply but does not know how to create a competitive application.

Do any of these sound familiar? From addressing each of these barriers, Learn, Design, Apply’s proven system has an impressive track record of grant success, including a 0% application rejection rate and an 83.3% federal application award rate, which is more than 40% above the national average for grant award success. The NoaNet Road to Broadband toolkit, now complete with the Grants Assistance Program in partnership with Learn Design Apply, is a start-to-finish resource that you want on your team!

Reach out to us today at so we can help make your broadband project a reality!