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Michele Zwosta

Human Resources Director

Michele joined the NoaNet team in 2016 and became NoaNet’s HR Director in 2022. Before NoaNet, she spent 15 years working in internal finance for a leading accounting firm. Michele is passionate about helping NoaNet meet its strategic goals and initiatives and helping NoaNet’s employees meet their career goals and objectives. Michele feels the organization’s focus on inclusion and concern for others around internet access is crucial, especially in the belief that communities deserve access to broadband as a utility, which improves quality of life in many critical and beneficial ways. Michele earned her B.S. in Workforce Development and Training from Southern Illinois University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Her certifications include SHRM’s Certified Professional and HRCI’s Professional in Human Resources. Outside of work, Michele is passionate about her children, nature, travel, creating artwork, and volunteering in the local community and HR community.

Director of Sales Operations
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Senior Executive Director, Infrastructure Strategy
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