How the
Northwest Connects


Jeff Shank

Operations Director | Service Management Executive

Jeff joined the NoaNet team in 2021 from Alaska, where he focused on Customer Experience & Service Management Functions: Network Management Systems, Telemetry, Automation, 911 Compliance, and keeping the most remote villages connected with broadband services. He is passionate about bridging the digital divide with a ‘Voice of the Customer’ mindset and ensuring all aspects of a business model provide an optimal customer experience. Before telecom, Jeff served eight years in the U.S. Army.

Jeff Shank | Operations Director | NoaNet
Director of Sales Operations
Chris Walker | Telecommunications Director | NoaNet
Senior Executive Director, Infrastructure Strategy
Rich Nall | General Manager of Tri-Cities | NoaNet
Executive Director of Network Managed Solutions
Mike Henson | Chief Security Officer | NoaNet
Chief Operating Officer
John Smith | Chief Technology Officer | NoaNet
Chief Technology Officer
James Wong | Chief Financial Officer | NoaNet
Chief Financial Officer
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