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Washington State's Leading Non-Profit Wholesale Telecommunications Provider

Northwest Open Access Network (NoaNet) was founded with the understanding that it is critical for communities to have access to high-quality telecommunications technology that is affordable. We have supported retail service providers across the state and nation in providing those services to anchor institutions throughout Washington.  

NoaNet currently operates a fiber optic network throughout Washington state, connecting the local PUDs and other independent communications networks to each other and to the major carrier connection points in Seattle, Spokane, and Portland. This network now supports 61 last-mile providers that serve more than 260,000 customers, many of whom have never before had access to advanced telecommunication services.

Our dynamic team of professionals imagine and implement creative solutions bringing technology to under-served communities.  Through an ever-developing range of services, NoaNet will continue to innovate and maintain a progressive approach to the services we offer. Should a new need arise, NoaNet will aim to meet it.

Check our site frequently to see how our product offerings are changing to serve the needs of our customers!

NoaNet is committed to supporting broadband adoption in the state of Washington.  If your community is interested in expanding high-speed broadband infrastructure please contact us

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Disaster Relief and Data Recovery

Disaster Relief and Data Recovery

With a well-designed LGN, assets will be secured, redundant, and disaster resistant.

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Whether it’s a minor rash or a severe car accident, in today’s healthcare environment- telemedicine may now play a hand in getting the medical attention needed. Digital patient care utilizes services such as video conferencing, phone calls and file sharing to facilitate remote examinations or consultations from healthcare professionals. Virtual care is here to stay and has the momentum to revolutionize how rural Americans take care of their health.

ILSR Video: Why A Gig?

Why A Gig Video

This video, published by the Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR) explains why there is an industry push toward 'a gig' of Internet for residential customers. "With the increasing number of gigabit cities, a trend led by local governments, Google, and some cutting edge small ISPs, some are confused why a gigabit is important now when most applications do not need that much bandwidth to operate." Click to watch!

Celebrating 15 years

A Timeline of Accomplishments

NoaNet was created in 2000, so this year we are taking a moment to pause and look back on the past 15 years of serving Washington State. Click to view a timeline of our accomplishments for the past decade and a half.

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