Government Wholesale
NoaNet works directly with all levels of government – municipal, county, state and federal to develop transport and Internet solutions that increase productivity and public access while also minimizing or reducing costs. NoaNet operates a reliable, secure network environment that maximizes the safety of critical data and communication. 

Schools and Library Wholesale
Technology is becoming an integral part of educational systems, and schools are having a difficult time keeping up with the demand for broadband access. NoaNet aims to meet the needs of unserved and underserved education systems by providing the networks to support level of broadband service that  will allow schools to meet their current and future broadband needs. 

Cellular Backhaul
NoaNet is capable of offering high quality cellular backhaul services throughout the state. Our network includes cell towers that get calls where they need to go reliably and securely. 

Access Control Systems
We utilize Gentec's Synergis IP streamlined access control software, allowing you to focus your energy on your business, not trying to keep up with software updates for your IP system.

Data Storage Solutions
Utilizing Gentec's Omnicast video surveillance software NoaNet offers the storage and maintenance of live and recorded video feeds to provide the best security possible. This includes unified video and access control features that all operate with an intuitive client interface. 

NoaNet's vision for healthcare in broadband includes reliable and dedicated services providing medical services including telehealth, web-portals and confidential health information networks.

Utility networks provide secure connections that are redundant and reliable, allowing critical traffic to travel uninterrupted. This keeps utility operators prepared and informed to respond to events in real-time.

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