Our mission is to help bridge the digital divide. Increased cellular bandwidth into rural communities  helps residents of those areas access the tools they need to thrive in today's society.  NoaNet has the opportunity to engage with multiple cellular carriers to help bridge that divide in Washington.

NoaNet is strategically positioned to support cellular carriers in meeting today's rapidly escalating data mobility requirements. The demand for greater bandwidth and higher connection speeds has created the need for more robust and ubiquitous backhaul and connectivity solutions. NoaNet's position in providing robust services for 15years throughout Washington State allows us to design creative solutions to Urban and Rural Communities.  NoaNet currently works with 61 other regional network providers to create seamless Cell Tower to MTSO solutions.

NoaNet's Services Include:

  • Statewide Fiber based cell tower backhaul solutions 
  • Proven redundancy, deploying multiple physical fiber rings throughout the state
  • Low Latency and Jitter meeting the strictest SLA requirements
  • Installation and turn-up of carrier grade services 
  • Collocate carrier grade switches, TDM/Ethernet equipment
  • Full turn-key installation services
  • Program and project management
  • Fiber to the tower Ethernet
  • Backhaul cell sites through construction of laterals connecting to backbone rings
  • Construction techniques that utilize the highest standards tailored to customer requirements


Contact Us:

If you are interested in learning more about NoaNet's services, please email us at  or complete the service request form.

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