NoaNet's vision is to bridge the digital divide by bringing state of the art fiber optic technology to both rural and metro areas. Minimizing areas whose fiber optic capabilities are limited to one carrier option encourages competition by carriers, which often decreases cost and improves the products offered. Formed by several Public Utility Districts (PUDs) in Washington, NoaNet's mission from creation has been to bring high-speed telecommunication services into underserved communities for utility uses and use by their constituents. NoaNet currently operates a fiber optic network throughout the state,connecting the local PUDs and other independent communications networks to each other and to the major carrier connection points in Seattle, Spokane and Portland. This network now supports 61 last-mile providers that serve more than 260,000 customers, many of whom have never before had access to advanced telecommunication services.


Our mission is to serve Washington State communities as a platform provider for fiber optic telecommunications technology. Our dynamic team of professionals imagine and implement creative solutions bringing technology to underserved communities so they can engage in economic development opportunities. Through an ever-developing range of services, NoaNet will innovate and maintain a progressive approach to the services we offer for the communities we serve. Should new needs arise, NoaNet will aim to meet them.

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