In cooperation with Michael Curri from Strategic Networks Group, we are pleased to bring you the tools presented at the 2017 Washington Public Utility District Association Meeting.



Expanding broadband services in your district

Access to quality high-speed internet continues to be a problem for rural communities and many of their residents, businesses, and critical institutions. The WPUDA and its member PUDs in association with NoaNet are actively working to increase the availability of high-capacity fiber throughout  Washington State. Ultimately, each community must decide to take control of their own broadband future, but we stand ready to assist every community to solve the unique broadband problems so   that every citizen and business can succeed in the place they choose to live and work.

Getting Ready

As you are developing your vision and goals and evaluating the options, it is essential to engage your community in the process. Whatever you end up doing is for the good of your community and they need to be involved and supporting your efforts. In particular, engaging key stakeholders aids this process and can provide valuable feedback on options, community needs, and you ability to  follow through. Ensuring that you have everything in place and ready to move forward maximizes your opportunity for success.

Assess the Economic Feasibility

In setting your broadband vision and goals the outcomes should be about more than the broadband business case. It is about how your efforts will benefit your community in remaining relevant and continuing to grow and thrive. At the same time, you need to understand the practical side of implementing your broadband solution in a sustainable way so that you have an approach that is affordable and provides the outcomes and payback you need.

Identify the real demand for broadband

You may already know that there is interest and demand for broadband in your community. Collecting precise and meaningful data on demand as early as possible and throughout your planning stage not only clarifies the real demand, but it allows you to prioritize areas with higher demand and identifies ready and willing users at an individual level, Optimizing your rollout and speeding service uptake.

Smart Community

In making your investment in broadband your goal is not just to become another internet service provider. The investment you make in broadband infrastructure provides a platform for innovation as well as providing new and better smart services for your community, whether it is in the realm of public safety or more efficient public services.  Building smart community services into your vision and goals can help drive community support and solidify your plans.

SNG Webpage

SNG Webpage

Visit the Strategic Networks Group Homepage for more information on their work as well as excellent information about starting a broadband project, getting informed about policy decisions, and find out if a municipal network is a feasible option for your community.

Broadband Toolkit

Broadband Toolkit

This Community Broadband Toolkit is designed to help communities establish, or improve broadband networks and services for the benefit of their users and their municipality as a whole. It builds upon previous research studies and takes lessons learned from municipal broadband projects conducted across North America.

Driving Network Sustainability

Driving Network Sustainability

Take stock, measure demand and meet it with our Market Assessment and Economic Baseline developed for municipal utility and co-op broadband service providers who need to drive revenues for network sustainability and grow the local economy.

Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment

SNG’s Community Readiness Self-Assessment Tool takes SNG’s unmatched broadband research and applies our learnings to your own community. Simply answer a few questions about your community’s leadership, plan, market, etc.

Here are some other helpful resources to begin your discussion about PUD engagement in community broadband:

The mission of the Washington Public Utility Districts Association is to support, protect and enhance members' ability to conserve power and water resources of the state and to provide not-for-profit, locally-controlled utility services for the people of Washington. 
SNG's one-of-a-kind solutions measure and analyze broadband use at the individual organization and household level. States and small communities alike have relied on our best-of-breed online usage assessments. SNG uses research findings to develop economic advancing strategies and provide one-to-one guidance for individual businesses to learn how to grow utilizing broadband. 

COS Service Zones aggregates demand for services neighborhood by neighborhood while providing guidance for your network deployment plans by knowing your take-rate. 

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