May 12th Outage Information

At just after 3:00 am on May 12th, we experienced a network event that caused Internet and some other layer 2 and 3 services to be affected. While many circuits and customers were not affected by the outage, several were in many areas of the State.  This caused us to dispatch technicians to multiple locations to isolate the instability.

By noon on May 12, the majority of customer had been restored, however there are currently a few customers still affected.

NoaNet staff continues to communicate with customers to verify that there are no instabilities still being experienced on the network. If you see anything that seems out of the ordinary with your services, please contact us as soon as possible.

Network Operations Center: 509.456.3611 and 866.662.6380

We are continuing to investigate the root cause and potential improvements we can make to our network and systems to avoid this in the future.  It may be several days before we determine the whole story behind this event, but we will continue to report on it as more definitive information becomes available.


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