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NoaNet has connected rural offices of multiple Washington State agencies to their main or regional offices for over 10 years.  The services the state provides to residents helps them with access to job services, health care, education and more.  NoaNet continues to support the State to bridge the gap to access for rural residents by working with member Public Utility Districts (PUDs) and other public and private networks across Washington.

NoaNet provides a significant portion of the education (K20) traffic throughout the state of Washington. This includes tail circuits coupled with NoaNet backbone fiber transport between schools, school districts, Educational Service Districts (ESDs) and WA Consolidated Technical Services (CTS) nodes. As a wholesale-only provider, NoaNet works with resellers such as CTS-approved Local Exchange Carriers (LECs), national and regional service providers and cable companies who sell the bundled services directly to CTS and K20.

Recognizing that governmental agencies and schools must meet a fixed annual budget with no monthly billing fluctuations, NoaNet offers the option of fixed-rate pricing through open, un-metered ports to support the greatest possible throughput without burst charges.

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