Security to meet agricultural regulatory standards.

NoaNet is committed to developing systems as new industries emerge.  NoaNet's physical and data services can be tailored for  compliance with WAC 314-55-083 regulatory standards pertaining to surveillance systems and data storage. 

  • Surveillance systems
  • Traceability
  • Data Storage Solutions
  • Remote Access

NoaNet security services meet NERC & FERC regulatory standards, allowing organizations to control their data security. This includes video surveillance, access control, data storage as well as data retention document retention. NoaNet security services will allow remote access to electronic access controls as well as provide continuous monitoring of access to cyber assets.

 Utilizing Genetec's Omnicast video surveillance software we can offer the storage and maintenance of live and recorded video feeds to provide the best security possible including unified video and access control features that all operate with an intuitive client interface. 

We also utilize Genetec's Synergis IP streamlined access control software allowing you to focus your energy on your business, not trying to keep up with software updates for your IP system. 

For more information on these services please contact our Network Operations Center at (866) 662-6380


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