• NoaNet: Bridging the digital divide

  • Founded in Washington, serving Washington communities

  • Washington's leading non-profit broadband provider

  • Reaching the unserved and underserved

  • Serving Washington state since 2000

  • Supporting rural economic development

Economic Impacts in KC

It's been 5 years since Google Fiber was launched in Kansas City. We examine the impacts this deployment has had on the city, and what we can learn from it for Washington State projects.

Dave Spencer speaks with ILSR

What the Future Holds

Dave Spencer, NoaNet Chief Operating Officer speaks with the Institute for Local Self Reliance about the history of NoaNet, how it has impacted the state, and what the future holds for this organization.

Celebrating 15 years

NoaNet was created in 2000, so this year we are taking a moment to pause and look back on the past 15 years of serving Washington State. Click to view a timeline of our accomplishments for the past decade and a half.

Now Trending at your Doctor's Office: Virtual Patient Care

Whether it’s a minor rash or a severe car accident, in today’s healthcare environment- telemedicine may now play a hand in getting the medical attention needed. Digital patient care utilizes services such as video conferencing, phone calls and file sharing to facilitate remote examinations or consultations from healthcare professionals. Virtual care is here to stay and has the momentum to revolutionize how rural Americans take care of their health.

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