• NoaNet: Bridging the digital divide

  • Founded in Washington, serving Washington communities

  • Washington's leading non-profit broadband provider

  • Reaching the unserved and underserved

  • Serving Washington state since 2000

  • Supporting rural economic development

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Kitsap PUD's Telecom Local Utility District

Kitsap PUD's Telecom LUD

A neighborhood in Kitsap County petitioned the local Public Utility District to form a Local Utility District (LUD) to help fund a FTTH setup in their neighborhood. This is the first telecom LUD in Washington State.

Dave Spencer speaks with ILSR

What the Future Holds

Dave Spencer, NoaNet Chief Operating Officer speaks with the Institute for Local Self Reliance about the history of NoaNet, how it has impacted the state, and what the future holds for this organization.

2016 Highlights

It was another exciting year for NoaNet as we reached new milestones.

ILSR Video: Why A Gig?

This video, published by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) explains why there is an industry push toward a 'Gig" of the Internet for residential customers. "With the increasing number of gigabit cities, a trend led by local governments, Google, and some cutting edge small ISPs, some are confused why a gigabit is important now when most applications do not need that much bandwidth to operate." Click to watch!

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